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Pure Powder - Cumin Powder
SpiceMax 'Cumin Powder' has got great appreciation in the Indian Market as we grind Fresh Cumin in small lots to a very fine 40 mesh that has actually given national acclaim. It is an extraordinary spice due to its distinctive aroma, popular in almost all parts of the world. It is used to season many dishes and is identified most with Indian & Mexican cuisines. Makes a wonderful addition to the curries, tacos, enchiladas.

Indian Name:
(Cumin) Jeera
Botanical Name :
Cuminum cyminum
Family Name :

Cumin Seeds have inherent health benefits; it is a very good source of Iron, a mineral that plays many vital roles in the human body. Cumin Seeds have traditionally been noted to be of benefit to the digestive system, & scientific research is beginning to bear out cumin's age-old reputation. Although the small cumin seed looks rather unassuming, it packs a bunch when it comes to flavor, which can be described as penetrating and peppery with slight citrus overtones. Cumin's unique flavor complexity has made it an integral spice in the cuisines of Mexico, India & Middle East.

SpiceMax 'Cumin Powder' is available in the purest form, free from adulterant & foreign particles. SpiceMax also offers customized blend, mixture of Coriander & Cumin. The powdered mix of coriander & cumin combines the character attributes of both spices thereby enhancing the overall effect on taste & aroma. A remedy for flatulence, indigestion, as a veterinary medicine, coriander cumin powder is particularly used to cure several diseases.