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Whole Spices & Seeds - Cumin Seeds
Cumin Seed is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, a member of the parsley family. An aromatic spice with a distinctive bitter flavor & strong, warm aroma due to its abundant oil content. Throughout the world, cumin is the second in popularity only to black pepper.

Cumin is one of the most typical spices for India and is fried or roasted before usage. Legumes, especially lentils are normally flavored by cumin fried in butterfat. Cumin also forms an essential part of the curry powder and of the Bengali spice mixture, panch phoron, besides being used in Northern Indian tandoori dishes. In imperial North Indian cuisine (Mughal or Mughlai) the mixture of cumin is prepared to relish sweet and aromatic flavor. This spice mixture is sometimes used for cooking, but more frequently sprinkled over the dishes before serving.

Indian cumin is exported in its natural as well as powdered form, besides as essential oil to USA, Singapore, Japan, UK and North Africa.

Indian Name:
(Cumin) Jeera
Botanical Name :
Cuminum cyminum
Family Name :