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Whole Spices & Seeds - Whole Chilli
Indian Chilies are one of the famous spices in the world and have huge demand in the overseas market. SpiceMax 'Whole Red Chili' is flaming red in color and features different kinds of dried chilies. Due to its extra pungency & color Indian chilies always remain in huge demand in the Indian as well as in the International Market. India continuous to be the main producer & exporter of most varieties of chili. Chilies have two characteristics, one their color because of pigment called Capsanthin in it and two the biting pungency because of Capsaicin, on the basis of which varieties differ and so its demand.

Indian varieties available with SpiceMax

Byadagi Chili - Byadagi Chilies (Kaddi Chilies) are grown in Southern India, and are preferred over paprika for the manufacture of Oil, Oleoresins and extracts. SpiceMax provide premium quality 'BYADAGI CHILI' that is always in demand throughout the year. These chilies are also called 'Kaddi Chilies' and when dried, the skin is wrinkled red in color with aromatic mild pungency. The harvesting season of these chilies is from January to May.
Indian Name :
Jolokia Mirchi
Botanical Name :
Capsicum Annum Linn

Whole Chilli